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Exclamation TOTAL FREEZE: 8174 bugreport...

Hi all... I've a problem with composite and nvidia drivers.
All version of kde (tried on 3.4.2 and 3.5.0) freeze the system (black screen) with composite enabled (xcompmgr or kompmgr). Ad example it happenes when I go away from my pc and when I come back, I move the mouse to remove the screensaver, but when I click to (a.e.) new message from kopete all freeze!!!
With gnome no crashes after one month of usage.

fx5900xt, kde3.4.2-3.5.0, xorg6.8.2 and (also tried but nothing changed) 6.8.99
Debian etch(yesterday) ---> sid + experimental(now, but the freeze remains )

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