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Default Re: Basic FX59xxx bios changes

Originally Posted by balthazor

Wat do you mean by :

However, also remember that its not important if reducing the timings causes a reduction in max memory overclock, since it is only max performance that actually counts - end quote
Experience has shown that lots of people out there think that the purpose of tweaking the timings is to increase max memory overclock, in the mistaken belief that higher always means better.

A side effect of making certain timings more relaxed (larger) is that you will generally be able to overclock higher. Many people therefore see this as their answer to better performance, little realising that any increase in overclock is usually never enough to overcome the extra losses incurred from using the larger timing values.

On the other hand, although using more aggressive (smaller) timing values can definately improve performance, reducing the timings too far can also have an appreciable impact on just how high you can overclock. So the trick is usually to find the best trade-off (sweet spot) between aggressive timings and overclock for your particular card.

And therfore as previously posted, you should probably first try with the more aggressive values you entered backwards in your original linked bios. But this time enter the string into NiBiTor exactly as 03030205050009000F000C040103 !!

Then as a comparison you could also try the other suggested aggressive timing string of 0303020404000A0015000A040203 ?
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