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Default Re: 2.6.x kernel x86_64 and nforce 3 chipset boot problems

Originally Posted by netllama
Did Gigabyte state which nvidia driver they feel is at fault, and why?

Gigabyte didn't say what driver they thought was causing this problem.

However, I think I figured out what causes this. When I upgraded to the AMD64 board. I had 2 PC2700 DIMMS in the older board, 1 is double sided and the other is single sided. The K8NSC-939 doesn't like that so 1 DIMM, either single sided or double sided, is all I could use. So it had single channel memory. I've recently put 2 PC3200 DIMMS in this board. Guess what? I no longer need to use the noapic nolapic kernel options in order to get it to boot normally.

I don't know if this is "normal" or if it's something in the kernel and or BIOS that causes it to happen with single channel memory.

Hopefully all my time spent trying to figure this out will be of some use to others.

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