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Default A bit of a staffing suggestion here...

Meh, just a bit of a suggestion, and not to cause any controversy. (Sorry Cyber, if you think I'm attacking you, and if so I can remove the post.) However, after reading this, and unless it was meant as a joke; I would like to give my official suggestion that CyberSage is never suggested for mod-ship...

Personally, I enjoy going into Wiki and editing the entries. I remove things I do not agree with, and alter the adjectives in others.

I never put reasons as to why I changed things, since it is not a requirement.

I remove the parts I think show opinion, or are blatantly biased.

Sometimes I put in my own bias, because I can.
Anyone who can enjoy editing the writtings of others, and inserting their own personal biases; because they can, would not be my first choice for someone appointed editing powers
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