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Unhappy Wondering if my 6600GT has packed up.

I've got a Leadtek PX600GT TDH PCI-e 128MB that overlays a flashing/polygonal/blocky/regular pattern on any 3d accelerated program I run. It does the same shapes for every game.

I haven't overclocked it or anything (allthough I didn't get it new - the last guy might have), the temps ~44-60C, and it was always working fine before that (had it for about 3mo). It just stopped working - not after an upgrade or anything. Suppose I should say I'm running linux x86_64 but I've tried upgrading the drivers, downgrading them, turning settings on and off, running from boot=single (safe mode), resetting the BIOS, and anything else that i could find on the net, so I don't think it's linux. Using software acceleration the problem dissapears and I get to experience games at a snail's pace.

As I said, I don't think it's the OS/software because it was working fine before and I tried recompiling everything - Gentoo emerge -e world. I also removed the card, heatsink, cleaned it up and put it back together carefully without a difference.

System specs:

AMD 64 3200
Asus A8N-E
2x Twinmos DDR400 512M
160G Segate SATA
425W Enermax

Iv'e included screenshots of bzflag and america's army - some of the textures in AA like the sky and some walls look fine which makes me wonder if only one part of the GPU is fried - for doing textures or something.

If anyone knows what causes this I'd be glad to know.

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