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Regarding your initial problem with GLUT:

I had the same problem with the exact same card on a Windows system. I don't think that the card actually has stereo buffers as perceived by OpenGL... it must achieve stereo effects some other way, and yes, probably only with the Windows drivers, not Linux.

The fact that GLUT is a wrapper API has nothing to do with it. GLUT makes standard OpenGL calls for stereo buffers, that should be honoured by any respectable driver for a card that actually has stereo buffers. I've attached some plain OpenGL/GLX code that, unfortunately, fails in the same way as the GLUT stuff.

The kicker is, that I just bought a Quadro-4 750XGL card for my Linux box, specifically because it DOES have Quad-buffered OpenGL stereo support in hardware... but I get the exact same error as you do.

So, it seems that NVIDIA's Linux driver is NOT supporting stereo, unless I'm missing something. Unfortunately there is VERY LITTLE information out there on stereo configuration for Linux (eg. are there any special considerations regarding monitor refresh rate, the contents of the XF86Config-4 File, etc).

In fact, the only decent stereo link I've been able to find is Bourke's page on programming for stereo. Pretty good stuff, but his pulsar.c fails with the exact same GLUT error on my system. Doh!

As for controlling 3D glasses, I don't know of any Linux device drivers for the simple shutter-glasses... and I've check the web pages of several brands. They all seem to be catering to Windows. Even still, the glasses should still work (I think) simply by plugging them in. Any failure to get a stereo OpenGL context should not at all be related to the glasses, or lack of a driver.

Good luck,

Don Zimmer.
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