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Default Re: Official DXTweaker discussion thread

Originally Posted by Burnt_Ram
anyone else tried this tool with COD2 ? it works, but i'm still not getting the smoothness i think i should ! i never see below 45 fps. i'm getting between 45-100+ in multiplayer without DX tweaker, and 45-85 fps with it on. must be a game flaw, because even in DX7 with the fps @ 100-300 it's still not smooth ! CoDUO running vsync'ed at 1600x1200 75hz runs butter smooth. i know ones openGL, and the other is D3D, but my fps are way up there. rant over
i have it running smooooth now like it should with vsync enabled ! averaging 70 fps @ 1024x768 2xAA 8xAF. this is a great tool ! now why cant nvidia force tripple buffering on a D3D game that doesn't support it natively ?!? this tool seems to do it just fine !
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