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Default tv-out nvidia4 ti4600 blurry picture

Hi, there

I'm having the same problems. I also use PAL-B (tried most of ther others too). I have picture on the TV, but an unsharp. It's difficult to watch the subtitles when playing DVD's.
I also tried different horizontal and vertical refresh rates but the problem remains. I have the same problem under Windows.
I also have a portable with tv-SVIDEO out (S3 savage 4 chipset). When using my portable, I get an good and sharp picture. Since I use it on the same TV and with the same s-video cable, it must be a card issue (I think).
On my laptop I switch to TV with a keyboard shortcut. I therefor think that there no good mode in the xfree base.

Things I still need to try: look in my TV-manual for settings(?) and examing the xfree-logfile on my laptop for the used modes.

This reply isn't probally very helpfull, but it might....

cya l8r
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