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Default Re: initial install on pci express

Thank you very much for your help Lonni, I have now successfully installed centos.

For anyone who happens upon this thread later, here is what I did:

As suggested, run the text mode install. I chose to install the xwindows and gnome packages, because I would eventually need them. The problem with this is that If the system finds them, it will finish the install in graphics mode, which brings us back to the original problem. Don't forget to install development tools as well, to recompile the driver.

When the files are finished installing, and the system reboots, at the kernel selection splash screen, press a key to select the kernel, then a to append. replace the "rhgb quiet" with "3" ( no quotes) to reboot into text mode.

Run yum update to get the current kernel and reboot again, replaceing rhgb quiet with 3 again.

Install the Nvidia driver. I rebooted again, but that probably wasn't needed.

When the system rebooted, the driver loaded and graphics worked. I just needed to go into system settings and select the video card and monitor to be able to set the resolution properly.
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