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Default Re: Everquest 2 high end system verses WoW high end system..

Originally Posted by jolle
but then again, shouldnt AI, run on the server, be working independant of what the renderer is pulling up on screen.. I mean the geometry is still there, both on your computer and at the server, even if the renderer draws it or not.. Occlusion culling shouldnt cause any problems in a MMO id think.. but then again I dont really know hehe..
Yes, that was pretty much what I was wondering too...

Originally Posted by jolle
Anyhow, WOW is pretty simple in terms of graphics, but the style of it is amazing IMO.. I cant get enough of the enviroments in WOW, and maybe it looks soo good in my eyes cause it isnt trying to look real, its closer to a cartoonish style.. while EQ2 is doing more of a effort to look real, and thus suffers a bit since it really cant... dunno, EQ2 definatly has better and more advanced graphics, no doubt, but I think WOW looks "better" on the whole.. (worth mention is Ive played WOW, but only seen EQ2 on screens and video clips)
I agree... although my intense, passionate, and borderline maniacal hatred for Sony could be interfering with my objective reasoning abilities.
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