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Default Re: Official DXTweaker discussion thread

Originally Posted by jolle
Sure Source games use TB? I think I concluded that it didnt, but the fps counter was a bit wierd.. when I tested a while back.. ended up playing CS:S with Vsync OFF...
Well, tell me then how i'm supposed to enable triple buffering in steam games, because the before mentioned method doesn't seem to work. DXTweaker or not, my framerate still jumps from 45 to 60 by moving the camera a tiny bit, which would indicate that there's just double buffering. Yes i've got vsync on ofcourse and i've tried different versions of DXTweaker, including the new beta test versions. It works perfectly in COD2 for example, but apps like Steam games and BF2 + special forces already give framerates that would indicate a third buffer, but also plummet back to half of the refresh rate sometimes. I can't explain this. I measure all my framerates with Fraps. Latest forceware 7800gtx256 1 gig dual ch. mem.

Anyone experienced this??
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