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Default Re: 6600gt Agp Vs Fx5900 Ultra Agp

You won't get flamed, not from me I agree that AA makes a small, but appreciable difference. The difference gets smaller and smaller the higher up you go in resolution.

However, for me anyway, AF makes a huge difference I'll play without AA before I continue dropping below 8x AF.

and the best engine out right now (doom 3) runs MUCH beter on nvidia cards so i would go nvidia anyway even if i was just playing stuff based on the source engine...
Actually, I would have to disagree here. It doesn't matter how good the Doom 3 engine is, if you ONLY play Source engine games, you should get the card that runs the Source engine best. Honestly, how does the Doom3 engine factor in if you're ONLY playing games that don't run it? E-penis size?

My point stands. The original poster said that he mainly plays CS:S and HL2. If that is the case, then the X800GTO is a far better buy in his price range than a 6600GT. If his game playing is in fact more balanced, then I'd consider the 6600GT. But with AA/AF turned on, those are some sickening differences in HL2.

I apologize if I am coming across as an ATI fanboy. Believe me, I get the same response over at Rage3D whenever I recommend a 6800GS I'm an advocate of best bang for the buck in a person's price range, regardless of the brand.

if u play hl2, get an nvidia card, or else u cant see the hdr lighting in some maps....unless u get an x1800....which u arent getting lol
HDR on a 6600 series card = slideshow.
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