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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Just out of curiousity, what the heck are you trying to say? I'm banned and I haven't been? :hmm:

I went back about a month ago to check and I was banned, if that has changed I haven't been informed.

Did you un-ban everyone who was banned during that period?
Sorry to confuse..

Yes you were banned, but you are not banned any longer. In January I went through and tried to find all the folks that were banned in that period of time and un-ban them. If you keep in mind the huge forum traffic and constant attacks we have from people, it was not easy to tell who was doing what. So many of the accounts that were banned, were simply deleted, allowing the person to rereg with their orig nick.

One of the forums that was posting lists of bannees, was hoped to be of help, but they were not. I think the last list they posted publicly and some new sources used as fact showed over 60 nicks being banned.

I went back through the list personally, one nick at a time. Out the list of 60, I could only located 16 banned nicks and that was using a pretty wide cross reference as well.

Of those 16 , five were banned for posting porn or flaming profanities.
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