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all i can say is......IMO flaming was caused by PG's attitude.
i don't say i know much about tech that is implemented in cards,i am prolly what he calls "hobbyst",but that doesn't mean i have my head in my arse......that was personal and i reacted,maybe that's not nice and polite,but that's how i am.if there was warning i would stopped making such posts.

i must say that i find these forums to be really great overall and some flaming that goes around is just what help them>>i mean what kind of disscusion would there be if everybody agrees?????this was first time that i have seen ppl go really personally in one thread(i am new here,correct me if i am wrong) and IMO he deserved it.

offcourse admins have every right to delete and edit......but i felt little bit offended that we were called as guilty side.

i'll use this post to apologize for going personal on that guy,but u have to admit he started.
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