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Default Re: Everquest 2 high end system verses WoW high end system..

Ugh, what a perfect example of how screenshots should be taken with anisotropic (and some AA would've helped). The textures look like a blurry mess in that screenshot.

But I've always said that EQ2 has some great technology behind it (feature-wise, anyway), but terrible art design. They took an engine with extremely advanced rendering capabilities (performance issues aside), and more or less slacked off when it came to putting things into it. It certainly has it's moments, but overall it ended up looking worse than it should've. Just for the sake of it, here's a random comparision shot between EQ2 and another game with a similar setting and character designs. Technology aside, which one is aesthetically more attractive? And I'm not even going to mention what system was running the game on the left.

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