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Default Re: AGP 6800 GS from Albatron

Originally Posted by Athena
I currently have a 6800nu with the extra pipes unlocked, but the darn thing will not OC even 1Mhz.
Cant find the thread to link to, but there was a guy over at the Overclockers UK
forum that had the same problem with overclocking. He got around it by doing the following:

1) Disable the pipe and vertex shader unlocks and put the card back to stock.
2) Find the max overclock for your card in the usual way, then back off the clocks a bit for stability.
3) Reopen the disabled pipes and vertex shaders.

May not work for you, but it has worked for a couple of 6800le cards that I have installed, and seems to give a nice boost.

Give it a try, and good luck.
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