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Default Re: Small but annoying FX5500 problem.

I did say it was small but annoying, thats my excuse for not getting back to the thread sooner anyway

I've just tried gstanford's suggestion with the latest Extreme-G driver (81[1].95.v2) disabling Anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. I've also tried the latest, released today, nvidia driver (81.98) and the black screen still happens before the drop down menu appears.
Interestingly, i've noticed that the delay disappears if i have the nvidia properties window open, the only problem with that is, the properties window jumps to become the 'on top' window but behind the drop down menu, if that makes any sense to you?
Perhaps the problem is related to the nvidia application and not necessarily the driver as such, as it's almost like windows is trying to check with the software what kind of file it is before it proceeds?

Thanks again.

p.s. SirJpg, you probably solved your java problem long ago, but just in case... try visiting and downloading the latest version of their runtime environment.
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