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Originally Posted by whig
Linux still has upgrades it's just they are cheaper, smaller and more frequent.
Every OS, infact every peice of software has upgrades, an OS has many more upgrades then anything else. What you have to remember though is when you do an update in Linux you are not only updating the OS but every app you have installed. Linux is a free OS unless you pay for mandrake or Linspire which only gives you support and maybe a few extra configuration apps to make life easier.

If you want to just try out Linux burn a copy of knoppix and see how you like it. Dont try to play games on it because the nvidia drivers do not come with it(its kina like a vesa driver in windows but much better). There you can play around with Linux and see how you like it. The distro you choose really depends on how much you want to learn about Linux and how technical you already are. I prefer gentoo but this is a technical distro that requires you to have knowledge of Linux(or be willing to learn). fedora or mandrake would probably be the best for someone starting out. Remember while making the transistion you can have Linux, Win, and any other OS you want installed at the same time.

As for games there are many native Linux games such as UT2k4, Quake 4, Doom3, etc for the games that arent you can pay for cedega which provides support and they tend to add features and supported games faster(look here) or you can use the free wine
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