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Originally Posted by Mith192
I might stop useing windows and get Linux.

Why you might ask would a Windows fanboy switch to Linux?
Because I am tired of Windows forcing me to upgrade when a new version comes out(like Vista) i mean i will be upgrading any ways but i dont want to be upgrading on the whim of an OS.

The thing is I dont know where to start.

What version of Linux 64bit(needs to be free if it can) should I get

What do I need to get to run games (UT2004, FarCry, FEAR, Doom3, COD2, Starwars Battlefront 2 and so on) on Linux 64bit.

What do i need to run windows apps(needed becuase of NetZero software)

Also what kind of performance can i expect on Linux compaired to windows
Good idea....

Ubuntu, based on debain and great hardware support (ive been using debain sense 2001, and now ubuntu, its a great distro...)
UT04, Doom3 will run nativly just check iD's site and get the little installer, for the rest youll probobly need cedega... Get wine for Netzero... Gaming should be easy with cedega (i still have 4.4.3 so no GUI) It should go well...
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