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Default Re: Are you using CRT or LCD flatscreens?

I have a 19" SuperScan and a 17" SENergy.
I use both.
The LCD was off during the last ~ 6 months which is a good indication of which I prefer.
In addition to the difficulties in cleaning the LCD screen(a major PITA), it just is not large enough. People who have stated that 17" LCDs are about equal to 19" CRTs are full of it. (I fell for it...)
As you pointed out, one of the best parts about the LCD is the desktop space it does NOT consume and the corresponding decrease in weight is pretty nice too.
The colors look really good too but I don't find it to be responsive enough and the fonts are too hard to read. They look like they are made of dots that are not connected. The anti-aliasing is terrible, especially in Linux.
I read a LOT so the quality of the font display is of utmost importance, far exceeding ghosting issues in fast graphical displays.

Don't get me wrong - I want LCD to surpass CRT's with their(LCD) lower power and less space requirements . Both are good things.

So please, if nVidia can fix it, DO!

Thanks for the poll.
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