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Default Re: Nforce 430 -> RAID5

Originally Posted by piranha2001
Nobody here to help me?
I really would like to buy a nv430 / Geforce6150-Board and install a RAID-sytem but I don't want to buy for HDs if it won't work!
Modern Linux distros will setup RAID during the install. I have seen 0(not really RAID), 1(2 disk mirroring) and 5(3 disk minimum striping with parity). Through some effort with md or using EVMS, RAID 10 is possible. I do not see a good use for RAID 6...

I have recently installed CentOS 4.2(=RHEL4) and its install setup Linux SW RAID 5 with a 3 disk + 1 spare array for me. It was a no brainer to get it done.

So, you can run with Linux SW RAID. This particular mobo has the nforce pro 2200 and 2050 combo. I have done it in the past on other mobos with other distros, too.

The only real distinct difference, as I understand it, is that with the nVidia controller running the show, the parity calculations are handled by it and therefore not offloaded to the CPU(s). The nVidia RAID is still, mostly, software RAID.
I do not have any benchmark information at all that compare throughput of a Linux SW RAID with the nVidia HW+SW RAID. In the past, I have seen throughput benchmarks for Linux SW RAID that surpassed some complete HW RAID implementations. Most benchmarks were pretty close until things got really heavy/loaded at which point the HW implementations always had better marks.
What you need to know is that in those circumstances of heavy load, you need a complete hardware solution. Onboard NV RAID won't do it, IMO.

If your question is really: " will the parity calculations be done by the nVidia controller ", I don't have an answer for you. I wish I did. It is one of the questions I have too.

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