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Default Re: Well EVGA now has a 6800 GS 256mb AGP card!

Originally Posted by KickAssCop
So is this basically a 6800 128 MB AGP w/ ramped up clock speeds and 256 MB GDDR3 ram? Because if it is, I don't see the point? It better be the core on the 6800GS PCI e which owns some serious ass.
There is a point, actually many of them:
1. Dumping away old NV40 cores from storages, >90% of them do 12/5@350MHz = money to NVIDIA, new AGP cards to customers.
2. It's basically the same card as Asus V9999GE = 90% of GF6800GTs performance, same performance as X800Pro AGP, see reviews (Google is your friend).
3. No other GF6800 series AGP cards are produced anymore = fastest NVIDIA based AGP card that is still delivered and produced.
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