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Default FX5500 strange rendering problem


I've just got a FX 5500 to replace an older GEForce2 MX400 card. I have an Athlon 1700 XP with 512 MB, and my MoBo is an ASUS A7A133. I'm running WinXP sp2, with DirectX 9.0c.

After installing the 5500, anything 3D gets seriously garbled -- I mean **seriously**. A lot of triangles appear all around the screen, text and icons get distorted. On Google Earth, for instance, images are covered with triangles rendered with the texture of the terrain below, but at completely distorted positions. It looks like one of the vertices of the triangle gets misplaced to a random coordinate in the screen. I also tested with some other games and applications. The Direct3D test in dxdiag, however, works OK.

I think the problem may be driver related, since (1) there is no overheating, (2) 2D works perfectly, (3) there are no issues with the power supply. I have installed and tested, with the same results, the supplied driver (51.1), the most recent one I found at eVGA (81.94) and two more I got from the nVidia web site (81.95 and 81.98).

What's even more strange is the fact that, after giving up temporarily on the card, and reinstalling the GeForce2, the problem continues. Notice that all the more recent drivers for the FX5500 are supposed to work with the GeForce2. The problem only went away and returned to the former state when I uninstalled the more recent drivers and reinstalled the driver that came with the GeForce2 (version 29.42); however, this older driver does not work with the FX5500.

I have posted a couple of screenshots at

I would appreciate any help -- thanks in advance.

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