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What would be really nice is if someone at nVidia would read ESR's The Magic Cauldron, specifically the appendix on Why Closing Drivers Loses a Vendor Money.

This can be applied to both the nForce and video cards. Now I know there may be NDA agreements in effect, but they could just:

burn the code into an onboard ROM. Then publish the interface to it.
They'd get a lot of people that would be able to give them much better bug reports, because we'd have access to all the source, we could trace through it, and we could find the problem rather than them. Debugging is parallelizable. They'd very likely get a lot of people that run Linux buying their products, too. I know I'd stay with them permanently; as it is, if someone else comes out with a completely open driver, I'll move to them. They'd get a lion's share of the Linux user (and very likely the BSD user as well) market, because they'd be the first to go completely open.

Wishful thinking maybe, but you never know.
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