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Default Re: FX5500 strange rendering problem


I checked some more drivers, but couldn't solve the problem.

More specifically:

1. Updated the motherboard's BIOS
2. Removed any non-essential hardware from the machine, including the sound card, an USB card, a secondary hard drive, and a CD-RW unit
3. Checked for overheating
4. Set all of the MoBo setup parameters to match the recommendations I found at NVidia's web site (a list of 9 settings, incuding disabling fast write mode on AGP, increasing latency time to 128, and much more)
5. Tested alternative AGP speeds, 1x and 2x
6. Sytematically tested 6 different drivers, first removing the previous version, as recommended in Nvidia's site, rebooting, then installing another version, rebooting, then setting resolution/colors, then testing 3d programs. In order, I tested 81.98, 81.94 from eVGA (the board's manufacturer), 66.93, 56.72, 51.1, and 29.42 from the older GeForce2
7 Rebooted some 15,472 times in the process

I should also mention that the machine has received a fresh reinstall of WinXP sp2 earlier this month.

If I were living in the US, this board would have been returned long ago....

Any more suggestions? I'm trying to be thorough here...

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