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Default Re: Well EVGA now has a 6800 GS 256mb AGP card!

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat
Once again.... this uses an nv40 gpu, look at the clock speeds, if it was a true nv42 it'd run at 425mhz no problem, but instead of using the HSI Bridge to bridge down the nv42 to AGP, they used an nv40 gpu, which i've said this before, that takes away the defining factor of a 6800 GS, this is just a slightly overclocked 6800 with GDDR3 memory, can't say i'm impressed with the solutions they've been using, a bridged nv42 gpu would be much cooler
This has been what was expected though, all along it was going to be the "old" part etc...Though 1st Q06 we hope to see somthing "else" for AGP...and hope the crapy AF is fixed...

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