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Default Re: Are you using CRT or LCD flatscreens?

Originally Posted by fhj52
NEC Display Solutions LCD2170NX-BK Black 21.3" 8ms G-to-G LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 0.27mm Pixel Pitch
Native/recommended resolution is 1600x1200.
It ain't cheap but high quality 22" CRTs cost a lot too initially and even more to run. Its real estate should be equal to a 22" flat screen CRT's viewable area.
It needs to drop >200USD for me to buy it(but I'm cheap..., )

most of the specs on it are nice except the resolution is crap, my 17" laptop does higher than that, and so does my dad's 15.4 inch. obviously the technology is there but nobody wants to make high resolution displays. I can barley stand doing a downgrade to 2560x1600 on that dell 30 inch LCD if I get that. I would only do it because the advantages of it being an LCD.
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