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Originally Posted by bayerfans04
at first I must say, I'm German, so my English isn't very good, but I hope, you can understand me.
I've got some problems with dualhead.
I've got two graphic cards, a GeForce FX 5200 and a GeForce 6600GT and I use Fedora Core 3 with the kernel: 2.6.12.
I installed the newest nvidia driver and all went fine, the computer said, that the installation completed succesfully.
After I rebooted my system, the X-Window couldn't start. I got that error message:
Fatal Error: Caught signal 11. Server aborting
After that, linux wanted to start the X Server, but no succes!
He told me, that he want to start the X Server, I pressed OK and you only see twice a nvidia logo and then there will be the error message again.
But that only happens if I switch on dualhead. Now I disabled dualhead and all went fine!
Could somebody of you help me and tell me, how can I use dualhead?
First, I must say, your English is pretty good. Better than many.
I have used dual head for long time, although not currently. It does work just fine!
However, my experience was with a single VGA card that had dual head support. The method should be about the same, which means that you will have to edit the X config file to specify multiple monitors and vga cards. There will be two monitor sections, two VGA card sections and you have to tell the X server which monitor to use for which card.
The reason the X server won't start is most likely because the configuration file is not properly setup. When you do edit the file, be sure to make a backup (e.g., Xorg.confBAK) of the current file before making any changes to it. If for some reason you cannot get the dual head running, you can revert to the old config.

The lspci command will provide you with most of the info you need to put into the X configuration file.

The nVidia Readme file for the Linux drivers has(had?) good information in it about dual monitor setup. There are also numerous postings available via Google on how to do it.

I cannot access my old files at this time so cannot post specific info. However, this forum has the same basic information located in one of the threads which you can find if you search the Linux forum.

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