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Default Re: Dual Head with Linux...

Originally Posted by bayerfans04
thank's al lot! i read a lot about that, but I only read about the using of dual head with only one card.
I didn't get any information of the readme from nvidia. I used that one:
I don't know what to do with my 2 cards.

here is my Xorg.conf:
What should I edit?

edit: in the last 2 days, my pc is very slow! he need a lot of time to run kwrite or something like that., firefox need two till three minutes!
with "top" I got, that X get around 80% of the cpu power! I think that's the reason, but the days before yesterday, all went fine and very quick, is there something going wrong with X?
I think you should have a Fair WARNING: Editing the X config file without using the correct parameters for your displays can AND WILL destroy them.
Be careful! Pay attention to details! E.g., esp. the parameters for your monitors' V & H syncs.

That being said, many, many people have done it successfully and without trouble.

While doing something else, I ran across this, just now, and thought I'd post it for you et al:

I do not have dual cards. Do not have those cards at all. My specific help would not be good -too risky. AS I remember, it was a little harder to get dual cards working(MS Windows rarely did it right too) but that was quite some time back, >year, so it is probably not so hard now.

L00k at the link I gave you. The sections you will need to edit are obvious but you will need to use data for your own monitors, video cards and setup.

The man X and X server pages have information in them too. Google is your friend.

X should not be using 80% or anything close to it.
Yes, it would definitely make everything slow down in the graphical desktops.
Yes, there is something wrong and IIRC, it requires you to get a newer version of your Linux desktop, whichever that is, (?), or at the minimum update X and/or some other program.
IIRC, there were a couple of programs in KDE (on Mandrakesoft(Mandriva, now), in particular) that would cause same symptoms but that was way back in 9 &/R 10 series. If you are using a distro that old, you should update it first; it is too old.
You really need to resolve the X issue before making a dual setup as it won't go away but might get worse.

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