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Default Re: Dual Head with Linux...

thank you! I read it and I I'm sure it will help!
But I've got another question, I must know the PCI adress of my cards. How could I know, which card has which adress. Would it be a problem, if the one is on PCIe and the other on PCI?
A lot of time ago, I think I had a programm on Windows XP, which could say me the adresses. But now, I don't have windows anymore.

On my fedora core 3, I've got a "hardware browser", too. If I go to graphic cards, I see, that my selected card, which I use now, is the geforce fx 5200. but there is nothing about my 6600GT! yes, I don't use it, because I switched off dualhead, but I've got it in my computer and do that mean, that my linux don't know, that I've got two cards in my computer?
Maybe it souds a bit stupid, but, how could I know, if linux detected all two cards? because if linux don't do that, I must explain him that first, because so it would be clear, that I don't get dualhead running!
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