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Default Re: NVIDIA 6200A or 6200 TC

Originally Posted by mikejac69
I recently requested a 6200A 256 Meg AGP 8X card, however I ended up recieving a 6200 TC 64 meg PCI-E / AGP 8X card, is there much of a difference or should I return the card to get the extra memory. As far as I am aware the Turbo Cacheing function is only available on the PCI-E architecture which my computer does not support and therefore I would be getting the same card with a quarter of the memory. For info, I have currently an FX5200 128Meg AGP 8X under Linux using the 8174 drivers.

Many thanks!

Happy New Year!
Uh, I think you are confused?

If you currently are using an FX5200 AGP card, you need an AGP card to replace it.

The TurboCache video cards are PCIe *ONLY* as the functionality of the TurboCache is over the PCIe bus.

Yes, if you have received a PCIe card and only have an AGP slot, you need to return the PCIe card and get an AGP card.

PCI and PCIe are different technologies.

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