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I am still banned because I pointed out that your PCMark score was run at sub 3.9Ghz, not 4.4Ghz like your article suggested. I posted benchmarks on the exact same hardware to prove you wrong.

Instead of "I will look into it" (would have been fine with me and everyone else), you banned me in a attempt to shut me up. This is your typical way to deal with someone who you cannot reply to with a honest answer to their face. You would rather shove it under the rug and hope it goes away. I will give you a fricken clue... "It will never go away", and you continue to burn your reader base and lose even more respect of your peers. I have more respect for vanshardware than your site.

Like I said before, I own the same hardware and I was posting higher scores than your claimed 4.4Ghz scores that you have never seen none higher...

I am moderator at xtremesystems, I know how to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. I have been a lurker of your site for a long time, and posted very few times. Of those posts I was providing input or posting results. I was not vulgar or abusive, I posted links to back up what I was saying.

Don't bother unbanning me, I do not plan on returning. I only checked to see if what you said was true about unbanning.

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