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Default Re: Inno3D 6600 GT bios

Originally Posted by a7v
What type of PSU are you using? Are you sure it's powerful enough to run the card properly?
It was my impression that recents cards would run with reduced speed if it couldn't get enough power so that could be one explanation.
Not that I'd know how to tell if the card was running on reduced power..
You are right. It is possible that the PSU is not powerful enough (it is only 250 W not 300). In fact if I enable CoolBits in the xorg.conf I can modify the clock frequency of the card using nvidia-settings. I suppose the default values are the ones the card actually uses, but in either case it is possible to change the clock settings, so I should be able to detect whether this is the problem.

Very good idea :-) I will try that, but I am still using the wrong bios which makes the card think that the power connector is not attached (which I suppose in itself could be the reason why the card powers down.) so I hope to find one that is better suited for this card.

I have also tried a bios from a different vendor and when things went very bad, I had to blindly reinstall the original bios. The one I am using now is from the manufacturer, Inno3D, but apparently for a slightly different card. I have contacted Inno3D requesting an updated version but not heard anything yet.

- Andreas
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