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Default Re: NForce4 Board: Which way to sound?

Originally Posted by patmartini
Hello all. Could someone please give additional information on obtaining and installing the Intel 8x0 driver (Suse 10 / no network working)? Thank you. pm..
In case you have decided against 5.1 sound and are happy with four speakers & the sub woofer working I would recomend that you follow the steps as outlined in following URL. Once this is up you can always do some r&d and make the 5.1 work like a 5.1 with all features enabled.

There is only one driver for the NForce chipset regardles of nforce chipset version.

Follow the procedure as detailed exactly and you will have a working sound system. The NVIDIA Driver available for download is NOT Yet ALSA , it is still OSS. Kudows to Nvidia for atleast hinting in their documentation file that they are considering ALSA for the future.

This will atleast give you a multi threaded audio system so that you can watch a DVD Movie , play a MP3 and also listen to an AUDIO CD all at the same time. Use KDE or GNOME Sound Setup to ensure that ALSA is chosen.

Important :
Also ensure that you have the kernel sources installed on the machine for your kernel. Also ensure that minimum program devlopment tools and libraries like gcc etc are also loaded on the system as the configuration requires these tools to be available.
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