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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

I finally got this and a STUPID PALLY who was not in our guild was pissed because I as the MT was getting it. We were doing a GUILD RUN but had 3 spots open because of people being gone for christmas. The bloodlord dropped and everyone in the guild knew it was going to me. Anyway a pally said up on the sword and we said first off it is going to the guild mt and a pally is not going to roll on that period. He cried about it, then a guild pally asked him to justify the defence buffs on it for a pally. He said and I quote "I can equip it so I should be able to roll on it" To which I replied "I can equip devout shoulders so I am rolling on them the next time we do FF".

Serioiusly, what the hell is wrong with pallies? We went and did the bat boss so he could get a drop and we didn't have the bat boss on the hit list but we did it just to be nice. Hell most guild don't let you roll if you are a pick up. The guy still bad-mouthed us in IF. BFD
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