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Default Re: Twinview problems : DVI is great VGA is blurred (again. xorg.conf was truncated.)

I have the Dell 2001FP, and if I use VGA instead of DVI it is blurry initially. To fix it, go into the setup menu on the monitor, I think the place you need to do is under the screen menu (Sorry I'm not at home now to tell you the exact place). Under one of the menus is an option to do "autoadjust". Run the autoadjust, and it will shake your screen around a little bit to center it, and it should also take away the blurriness when done. It will not be as sharp as DVI, but should be a big improvement. At least on the 2001FP this is the case. I assume 2005FPW is similar.

p.s. be sure to run the autoadjust after the monitor has your X screen up, or it will save the adjustments for a different screen mode.
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