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Default Re: Signature guidelines

Originally Posted by MikeC
I checked the vBulletin forum and one of their developers posted some code that will cause each user's signature to be shown only on their first post on each page.

I'll keep looking for other ideas...

- There's a user profile configuration option that will disallow vB code to be used in signatures.

- The font size of the signature can be hardcoded in the post template, which will override the user profile font size.

- The [size] tag can be disabled.

- Viewing signatures can be disabled in user options.
No, no! Sigs are good! Its the long one's that are bad. I wouldn't like it if I had to constantly scroll up to the person's first post to see their specs while trying to help troubleshoot their problem! If people don't like sigs I say let them disable it themselves.
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