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Default Re: Widescreen resolution support.

Thanks, Thunderbird. The card I currently own is an AOpen Aelous GeForce FX 5900 with VGA-TVO-DVI connectors, I ignore if it is a dual link DVI or not (but from what you say, it most probably isn't). I am considering getting this monitor as I do some graphics design and I share my system with my girlfriend who does much more seriou graphics design, and she's been all over this monitor, hehe.

Now that you mention the modlines and stuff. I have been having trouble with one resolution (and this is application dependant for some reason), 1024x768. Some fullscreen applications will (for some reason I fail to see) introduce scanline-like lines accross the screen. When I see my CRT's OSD for information about sync, it appears as if the 1024x768 resolution is overclocked as it sets a vsync of 87 instead of the maximum supported by the monitor of 85. The oddest thing is that this only happens with certain applications, but not all (most notabl example being Neverwinter Nights). I tried to correct this issue with a modline, but I've been unable to tell exactly what a modline's syntax should be or if given that this (most notably) happens with this application, maybe something could be wrong with th application itself rather than my system's configuration.

I've run a test case of NWN at 1024x768, and the OSD of my monitor says 35.5 kHz/87.0 Hz. When running another application (in this case UT2K4) at the same resolution, I see 68.6 kHz/85.0 Hz... I'll have to look further into this issue.

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