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I have the system up and running now, the last problem was due to multiple power failures. However, I am having a problem with the 6200 when running some games, namely Halo and Jedi Academy...possibly more, but I haven't tried all of the games yet. With Jedi Academy, there appears to be a combination of the video freezing, along with sound loops. With Halo it was worse, but after reducing the game settings, it continued for a while with just some random shaking of the video, until it finally started acting like with JA and then crashing the computer all together. I downloaded and installed the 81.98 WHQL Nvidia driver, updating from the 77.77 driver that came with the card, but that did not help. I never had this sort of problem with my old FX5500, but then I have also replace more than that, so I'm not certain what to blame. I should be getting my RMA of the old card in a few days, so I will try that one again, to narrow down the field of possibilities. In the mean time, does anyone have any suggestions of something that might help?
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