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Default Need help to get optimal performance for 6800.

Well basically Iíve had my XFX GeForce 6800 graphics card for a couple months now and it was a huge improvement from my old one. So, I didnít notice that it wasnít running that well. My friend who got a GeForce 6600 GT could run games waaay better than mine. So I got to thinking that my card wasnít running at its highest performance. Anyways, here are my specs, could someone help me by suggesting some ways that I could improve my graphics card? Iím kinda new at this stuff too, so if Iím missing anything, just let me know. Thanks!

Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz
1.80 GHz
80 GB of Memory

XFX GeForce 6800
128 MB DDR
450W Power Supply

Windows XP
Service Pack 2
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