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Default Nvidias latest response to 3dmark03

So, where do you find a true gamers’ benchmark? How about running actual games? Most popular games include a benchmark mode for just this purpose. Doom3, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Serious Sam Second Encounter are all far better indicators of current and upcoming game performance. And, because the vendors of these games have licensed their game engines to other game developers, you can expect that the next generation of games will have these game engines at their core.
Doom-III is not even OUT YET!!!! How can they even mention this as a measure for game performance now??? They know perfectly well that the leaked Alpha does not show what the current state of doom-III is. Besides it uses PS 1.4, it also uses real time stecncil shadows. Not to mention that the GF4 series are much slower than the 9700 series according to the info I have.

UT2003 Also performs much better on the 9700 series and it ALSO uses PS 1.4

The Serious Sam engine in no way shape or Form shows ANY indication of future game rendering techniques. Neither Does UT 2003. Which apart for a couple things is primarily DX7. Regardless NONE of these applications even begin to tap the Pixel or Vertex shader uses that games coming out in the next 3 years will. Nor do they use any DX9 feature. Not a damn one of them. Doom-III does, but again its not out yet, and its not DirectX. Further Doom-III mimics the performance seen in 3dmark03 across the entire spectrum of todays cards. However, It does not test specific areas of the Hardware. It also has only ONE rendering mode, of Which 3dmark03 uses 3 different methods.

How the hell can they call the Series Sam engine a next gen game engine..
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