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Default Re: Legacy - Linux, voodoo3 3000, TV-out

Originally Posted by mile10com
I was actually successfull in doing this over the weekend (Voodoo3 3000, SVIDEO TV-Out, NTSC 800x600, Ubuntu 5.10, 2.6.12 kernel, BT869-i2c patch for 2.6 kernel)

You are correct, that original post I found is in error: The nvidia drivers do not support the Voodoo3 card, nor tv-out in any manor.

Since it is beyond the realm of this forum, I would be glad to post my steps / results someplace else, if there is interest.

These old cards and old machines make good living-room juke boxes with on-tv display.
I would really like to see your xorg config file! I just got TV-out working on my voodoo3 3000 and the picture quality is really OK. But I have some problems getting the correct resolution and stuff like that. Seeing your config might help me, even though I'm using PAL and you NTSC. The perfect thing would be to get 720x576 @ 100hz, as my TV is a 32" 100hz CRT widescreen, but I guess the voodoo can't give me 100hz ?

Another question: A CRT widescreen TV, does it use a wider resolution than 720x576, or is the picture just stretched?
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