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Default Re: Civilization 4: Problems with FX 5950 Ultra

Originally Posted by BlackArchon
I have a problem with Civilization 4 (with patch 1.09) and a GeForce FX 5950 Ultra. When i install a release 80 driver (i tested with 81.84, 81.85, 81.87 and 81.95), i can't play this game. There are no intro videos (only a blue screen, but i hear the music) and the main menu from Civ4 is not visible, so i can't do anything.

With 71.89 there are no problems. The intro videos run correctly, and the main menu appears correctly. All is ok i think.

With 78.05, the intro videos and the main menu is ok, but if i want to load a saved game, all letters from the loading menu are corrupted.

Help! I want to use a 8x.xx driver.
I found the game ran much better if I set the (simple) nVidia configuration, on the Performance and Quality image settings slider to "best performance" from the high-quality default (sorry, don't remember the exact names for these values).

CivFanatics has a pretty busy Civ4 support discussion going here:

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