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Default Problems When Leaving X with 8178 driver and Mandriva 2006

Using the 8178 driver, with mandriva 2006, Kernel and source Version 2.6.12-12mdk. Geforce FX5200 Card in a 4x AGP slot, 128mb Ram.

Everything seems to work fine until I try to shut down KDE/X. When the system tries to switch out of the GUI and back to a text mode, I get a garbled and jumbled screen like the video mode is incorrect. It looks sort of like huge ASCII letters. If I boot into runlevel 3, the screen comes up fine, and stays that way. It's just when coming out of X that things go bad, and don't get better until I reboot.

I can still type and linux responds... "Reboot" makes the machine reboot...I just can't see anything that's happening until the computer does reboot and resets the video.

Has anyone seen this before? and hopefully knows how to fix it? This happened to me with the last version of the nvidia drivers as well. I was hoping this new driver would take care of the problem, but no luck.

I'm guessing there's just a setting in the configuration somewhere that I don't know I should be switching.
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