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Default help with config problems?

I'm running debian, and have this hardware:
GeForce 4 Ti4400 (VGA/DVI out)
Monitor #1 Dell 2001FP LCD Screen (plugged into the DVI port of GeForce 4)
Monitor #2 Hyundai L90D+ LCD Screen (plugged into vga port of GeForce 4)

I am trying to use my dell as the left screen @ 1600x1200, and the hyundai as the right screen at a resolution of 1280x1024.

I tried setting it up manually, but was having problems. For one, when i move from the bottom left of the screen to the bottom right with my mouse, it moves into a part of the screen which i cannot see; how can i block the mouse from moving into the part of the right screen that doesnt exist? Also, how can i set it up so that i can full screen my videos with either screen with mplayer, or vlc?

Thanks a bunch!

Here is the link to my current config file:
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