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Default Inno 3D 6600gt installation woes......

3D Inno 6600gt installation woes...


Hi everyone! I bought a 3D Inno 6600gt agp card today and when I tried to install it, there was crap all over the screen at bios bootup stage and artifacts all over the screen when running in windows (I'm on XP). I installed the drivers off the disc that came with the card and rebooted. No crap at the BIOS loading stage, great I thought. When it booted into XP, the arfifacts were even worse than before, so I downloaded the latest drivers off the Nvidia site. Rebooted and the computer turns the monitor off just before the XP login stage. started up in safe mode and removed the drivers and the computer boots up as described at the top of the page. Put the driver on the disc onto my computer and rebooted. Still as before, so I updated the motherboard AGP driver and the damn thing again will not load to the login stage, it crashes.
One thing I discovered is my PSU is underpowered for the card (250W), but would this cause all the problems I'm having? I am planning on buying an uprated PSU tomorrow.
I put my Radeon 9600 back in and re-installed the drivers for it and it works a treat (and yes, I did uninstall the drivers for it before doing anything with my new card)
I realise the PSU could cause me grief, but is there anything else that may be wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated
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