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Default Re: Are you using CRT or LCD flatscreens?


I'm using both and my observation is that most good LCDs are better than most "normal" CRTs and that even very good LCDs are worse than a highend CRT. At home I use a Iiyama VM Pro 510 (A201HT) which is among the best CRTs ever made. Flickering etc. is no problem at all.

But... in many cases of "bad" CRT images the problem is the graphic board, not the CRT. If I drive that Iiyama with a bad video source I will get a bad image due to very high frequencies that are only delivered with lowered quality. For an LCD, even driven analog, this is not a big problem due to much lower frequencies.

That's why I used this as main decision point for the graphic board and followed the tests of analog signal quality at and bough a Quadro NVS 280 which is among the best cards in this category.

The difference to the previously used Matrox G450 (which has also a very good signal quality) can be seen at ths Iiyama-screen...


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