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Default Re: Driver for Nforce4 in linux?

Originally Posted by fhj52
The 4x mode at > 140MB/s (& <150MB/s) is fine I think 'cause it will run in the 8x slot that is wired for 4x when/if I get a second 7800GTX for the other SLI x16 slot. Only losing <15MB/s is really good. I only have SATA150s anyway.
I guess in 4x mode, the controller will even operate at full speed:
I once did some benchmarks with a GeForce6600 with x16, x8 and
x1 mode - there was no notable drop of the fps at x8 mode compared
to x16. At x1, it was 5 to 15% slower.

Originally Posted by fhj52
I'll have to look closer at the 1210/20 since HARM is such a PITA.
If you like to have software RAID for both, Windows and Linux, you
might alternativly considering to purchase another four SATA drives,
so that you have one Linux software RAID5 set for Linux and one
NVRAID set for Windows. But this variant is not much cheaper
then an ARC-1210 solution, i guess, and a true battery buffered HW
RAID causes way less troubles anyway.

Originally Posted by fhj52
Um, 4(FOUR) dual output VGA cards running 8(eight) monitors from a single CPU mobo - an Intel P4 - at that??? Not me bro.
I guess there are applications for such a setup, but i'm more interessted
in having four x16 sized PCIe slots with configurable lanes (i.e. x8/x8/x8/x8
or x16/x16/x4/x4).


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