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Default Re: Driver for Nforce4 in linux?

Originally Posted by fhj52
I had just looked at some prices for the 1210 & 1220. Newegg has the 1210 for ~ 404USD (to a ~USA door) & for 380USD to the door.
Wow, i needed to pay 550 Euro (~ 660 USD) for the 1210 half a year ago
(cheapest source in Germany).

Originally Posted by fhj52
I only have SATA150s anyway. ...
I'm only having SATA150 drives, too. The SATA link is IMHO not the
bottleneck. However, SATA300 drivers also support Native Command
Queuing (that the 1210 can handle) and which should improove
performance at database or alike applications.


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