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Default Need help by nForce4 and sound (HW-mixing)

my board is the "Epox 9NPA+ Ultra S939 nForce4 Ultra" ( ). I've downloaded the current driver package from nvidia and installed it. Now the problem is the sound works fine for a single application (xmms, mplayer) but it won't work if I try to start another one (Playing sounds from two applications the same time).
What I found in the web tolds me that the driver should support HW-mixing ... so why doesn't it work for me?
That's how I've installed it:
1. Activated the following options in the kernel
Device Drivers
     --> Sound
          <*> Sound card support
          --> Open Sound System
               <*> Open Sound System (DEPRECATED)
               <*> OSS sound modules
2. Rebuild the kernel
3. Added "alias sound-slot-0 nvsound" to my "/etc/modules.d/aliases"
(Doesn't know if this step was needed, but I've found it while searching the web).
3. Downloaded and installed the latest driver package available on nvidias homepage (1.0.0310)
4. rebooted.

Like I said, the sound works fine for a single application, but doesn't work for a second application which tries to play sound simultaneous.

Anyway, when trying to play a sound with a second application I get these messages in "dmesg":
Nvsound: Unable to change the Playback SampleRate 44100, set back to 48000 
Nvsound: Unable to Create a NewStream for apu 
Nvsound: Unable to allocate the wave device
Hope somebody can give me an hint on how to get HW-mixing working.
Thanks in advance,



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